Youth Revival Sounds Plus





Youth Revival Sounds Plus





Thanks for purchasing the ‘Youth Revival Sounds Plus’. This product contains all of Jack McGrath and Tim Koziol’s keyboard patches used on Young & Free’s Youth Revival album!


NOTE: This MainStage collection requires additional software:


  1. Omnisphere 2 -
  2. Valhalla VintageVerb -
  3. Valhalla Shimmer -
  4. Tal U-No-Lx -
  5. EchoBoy -
  6. Decapitator -
  7. Tal Chorus -
  8. CamelCrusher -



If you have any issues or questions about this product feel free to email us at



















This product comes as a MainStage Concert as well as separate MainStage patches.


To get these MainStage patches to show up in MainStage put the ‘Peter James’ folder with all of it’s sub-folders and patches into this location:


Machintosh HD/Users/user name eg ‘peter james’/Music/Patches


After placing the patches in the correct location they will show up at the bottom of MainStage under Patch Library in the ‘User Patches’ folder.

For more information on installation and how to use this product please refer to the walkthrough video here:


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