1. What is the difference between a MultiTrack and a CustomMix?

The main difference between the two, is the amount of audio tracks each offers. The MultiTrack offers all the included instrument tracks as separate audio files and can be used in a DAW like Ableton or in our free Playback app available here.

The CustomMix is a single audio file that contains everything you choose to include by mixing directly within a song page under the CustomMix area. Some also use this as a tool to create an accompaniment track by simply muting the BGVS and choosing the key they need.


2. What is the difference between a WAV and M4A audio file format?

The WAV file is a raw audio file that is the highest audio quality we offer. It is a bigger file size and will take up more space on a device compared to the M4A file.

The M4A file is a slightly compressed audio file that takes less space on a device, but the audio quality is not as high as the WAV file.


3. What’s included in a MultiTrack or CustomMix purchase?

Each product can be downloaded from your account page or directly from within Playback. If downloading from your account page, you will receive a zipped folder that will need to be un-zipped or opened.

MultiTracks: Once you open the MultiTracks folder you will see the album artwork, an Ableton session file (used if Ableton is installed on your machine) and a folder titled "MultiTracks".

This folder contains all the individual audio files that can be imported into any recording software that accepts WAV or M4A files.


CustomMix: Once you open the CustomMix folder you will see 4 different audio files available to import into a media player or recording software or simply play. The first file is the Click Track or Metronome that is mapped out for the song.

The second is the Guide track, these are the vocal cues that help let you and your team know what sections of the songs are coming up.

The third file is the Auto-Panned version of the song. This is your standard split track, click and guide are on the left channel and the tracks are on the right.

The last audio file is the stereo version of your song with no click or guide present, this file can be used as an accompaniment track.



4. Can I use any of your products to create an instrumental/accompaniment/performance track?

Absolutely, our CustomMix product can be used to create all of the above. Here is a video showing just how to do this:


5. How do I update my account information?

Click on the organization area on your account page to update organization information, add billing information, change your email preferences and more.


Click on the admin area to update your personal information like your username and password or manage your Playback devices.


6. How do you change admin information on an account?

This information can be changed under the admin section of your account. For more information on how to find the admin section, please see previous question.


7. Our previous account admin has left, how do we gain access to the account?

If the current Administrator of the account is no longer at your church and you can't login as them, we can help you make this change with the following information:

* The amount that you were last charged for any product/service or subscription

* the exact day of the month you were last charged

* the last four digits of the credit card we charged

All of this information must come from a current staff member (preferably someone in a leadership role) at your church, directly from a church email address. Please send these emails to, along with:

* The name and email address of the current Administrator

* The name and email address of the new Administrator

Additionally, if you are an Administrator and you would like to remove yourself from that role, you will need to do so yourself. Please see numbers 5 and 6 of our FAQs.


Can you have more than one admin on an account?

No, there can only be one admin registered on a account.


Where can I update my billing information?

This information can be changed under the organization section of your account. For more information on how to find this section, please see question 5 from our FAQs.


How do I purchase and download a MultiTrack/CustomMix?

Once you find the song you are wanting to purchase you can then either click on the MultiTracks or CustomMix link on that song page.


MultiTracks: Simply click on the audio format of your choosing. We offer the WAV and M4A format for our MultiTrack product. (For more information on the difference between the M4A and WAV formats, please see the second question from our FAQs.) After you choose the format you can then view your cart and checkout.


CustomMix: Choose your key from the drop-down menu, customize your mix by clicking on the speaker icons to mute, adjust track volumes by turning the volume knob from left to right. Once you have created your mix, click on the audio format of your choice. (For more information on the difference between the M4A and WAV formats, please see the second question from our FAQs.) After you choose the format you can then view your cart and checkout.

If you are needing an accompaniment track the CustomMix product is perfect for you. See the video attached to the 4th question of our FAQs.


You can download your MultiTrack and CustomMix directly from your account page by clicking on the blue download button or within our Playback app by tapping the add a song button, or the edit button then the "+" sign that will appear on each song tile.


11. What are credits and are they needed to purchase products, training courses etc.?

Credits are MultiTrack's very own currency where one credit equals one dollar. You can purchase items directly through the online cart or you can purchase credits in bulk and receive discounts for doing so. You spend your credits whenever you download a file. The credit cost of any file varies based upon its product type, size, complexity and whether it's an original master recording. Credits expire one year from the date of purchase and you'll receive many reminders along the way that will let you know before your credits expire.


12. Once I rent a track in Playback, does it last for the whole month?

No, once you rent a song in Playback it will expire in 7 days. You can then choose to re-rent the song or let it expire and rent something else.


13. Can I use my own content in the Playback app?

Yes, using our MultiTracks Cloud subscription you can import your own audio files into Playback. For more information on the MultiTracks Cloud subscription please visit this page. You can even add song sections just like a MultiTrack purchase. Here is an article showing how.


14. Do you have a support phone number I can call?

We do not, in order to help keep cost down for our customers we have a very limited phone support. We do offer ways to schedule a call with one of our support team members if needed here.


15. What device is Playback compatible with?

Playback is available for the iPhone and iPad and each subscription level has a minimum requirement for the model.

Intro and Pro subscription is compatible with the iPad 2 and newer or the iPhone 5 and newer.

Premium is compatible with the iPad Air and newer or the iPhone 6 and newer.


16. How do I cancel my Playback subscription?

Depending on how the subscription was added initially affects the process for canceling. Here are two videos that will help you understand the differences and how to cancel your Playback subscription, whether it was added from your account page or within the app itself.


17. I can’t find a song on your site, is there a way to request it?

If you can't find a song on our site you can add it to our list here:

This form allows you to input all information regarding the song you would like to see available on We have a team that takes all the requested songs and contacts the label/artist to see if we can offer their Master Stems on our site.

Please note that this is not a guarantee that the song will be added but we will do our best to get this song added.


19. What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard etc. We are always looking into other ways to provide our customers the most convenient way to purchase content from our site. Please feel free to email us and let us know what your ideal way to pay would be.


20. I can’t login, how do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here by either entering your email address or your current username and we will send you a link to reset. If you are continuing to have issues resetting your password while using the link, we recommend that you submit a request and we will be happy to assist.


21. Can I have more than one credit card on file?

No, only one card can remain on file for purchases, but you can definitely update the card on file twice a month from your account page. For more instructions on how to update your billing information please see question number 5 from our FAQs.


22. Can I rent a track in Playback on more than one device?

Yes, you can rent a song on more than one device, but please note that it will count as a new rental, even if it is the same song.


23. What Audio Interfaces are compatible with Playback and the Premium Subscription?

You can find a list of all the compatible interfaces we have tested on our Playback page here.


24. How do I search for a song on

You can search for a song by clicking on the search bar at the top right of the home page. If you are using our mobile site, you can then tap on the person icon on the right to reveal a new window that will contain the main search bar.


25. I’m new, what would be the best product for me when getting started?

This really depends on what you and your team are wanting to accomplish. If you are wanting to run tracks live, we have the MultiTracks and CustomMix products that can be played through an iPad or iPhone using our free app called Playback or in a DAW like Ableton.

If you have specific questions on the products and how they work, we first recommend you view our products page, then check out the training section of our site or submit a request.


26. Are there any training videos, webinars or product videos available?

Absolutely, we have a couple of different channels that you can visit to access training and tutorials.

Training Page - Our site offers a page dedicated to training and how you can get started using MultiTracks for live performance.

YouTube - We have our own channel you can subscribe to that offers tons of free video content from lessons, webinars to feature videos as well.


27. How do I cancel my subscription(s)?

Cancelling a subscription is simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

1. Navigate to your account page here

2. Click on Manage Subscriptions

3. Find the subscription you are wanting to cancel under the Active Subscriptions area

4. Click on the button to the right of that subscription that states "Change or Cancel Subscription" 



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