Installing Reason Patches from Ian McIntosh

Ian McIntosh Reason Patches Install Manual

Thank you so much for your purchase – I really appreciate your support. It’s my hope that these patches help to spark new creativity and excitement for music in your world.

How to install:

You’re in luck! It’s very simple to install new patches for Reason:

Highlight the file inside the folder titled the product you purchased and copy it by hitting either [Apple+C] or [CTRL+C] depending upon your operating system.

Navigate to your patch folder for Reason. If you don’t have one, I suggest creating one in a folder you regularly backup – my patch folder is in Dropbox.

Paste the file by hitting either [Apple+V] or [CTRL+V.]

Done – the file is now installed

How to use:

Click on the “Create” menu and select “Create Instrument” – this opens the Browser window. Now browse to your patch folder where you installed the patch/bundle in Step 2. Select the sound you would like to use and double click or drag it into the Reason Rack. You’re ready to start playing now!

Ian McIntosh

If you are still having trouble after viewing the screenshot instructions, please contact our support.

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