Installing MainStage Patches from Ian McIntosh


Simply open the MainStage concert and you're ready to go.



The quickest way to copy these patches and add them to another MainStage or Logic X template is to click on the ‘cog’ like symbol in the top left corner of MainStage and save each Patch (or Set) as seen in the screenshot below. They will then show up in the ‘Patch Library’ Tab at the bottom of MainStage in  ‘User Patches’.

You will then need to save the ‘Bus’ effects that were used with that patch. You can do this and also save whole channel strips by going to the ‘Setting’ button at the top of the channel strip you want to copy and hit “Save as Channel Strip Setting…” Then you can add this saved channel strip to any other MainStage/Logic X concert by going to the saved channel strip under “User Channel Strip Settings”.



After saving the desired Patch and the Channel Strip Settings for that Patch and loading them into a new MainStage Concert file you must first add all the included Samples and Sampler Instruments from the MainStage file you downloaded.

To do this you have to do is locate the Concert file in the folder you downloaded and right click on it. You should see an option that says "Show all contents", click this option.

Now you should be taken to a new window and there should be two folders named "Samples" and "Sampler Instruments". Copy these two folders, now navigate to the Sampler Instrument folder by following the path Users->Your Computer Name->Music->Audio Music Apps->Sampler Instruments.

Create a new folder and title it the name of the Saved Patch, for example "Flowers Pad". Open that folder and paste the Samples and Sampler Instrument folders in the new "Flowers Pad" folder.

Now when you open the EXS24 window for each instrument track inside of MainStage click on the missing file name and then "Refresh Menu". You should now be able to find and select the desired Sampler Instrument found under the "Flowers Pad" tab in the EXS24.



The Mod Wheel is mapped to a Low Pass Filter inside MainStage’s EXS24 sample player for a lot of the patches so you can brighten and mellow them with your Mod Wheel. Note that by default these presets start mellow (Mod Wheel down), so to brighten each patch move your Mod Wheel up or increase the value of whatever midi slide/knob you have set to Ctrl #1.  A lot of patches are programmed to cross-fade between different patches when the Mod Wheel is moved up and down. So make sure you’re using your Mod Wheel (or Ctrl #1) when using these patches or you will be missing out on half the sound!

Note that one of the patches has a tempo specific elements to them as well. So to change the speed of the delays/arps etc simply change the tempo in MainStage under ‘Attributes’ for the patch.

Atmosphere Pads are a diverse collection of pads well suited for both live and studio use. These patches have been used extensively across the entire Jesus Culture catalog, as well as many others. They vary from dramatic to simple, and bright to warm. These patches have been recreated in MainStage from the original patches and sounds used. 


For more info on transferring patches into your own concert please watch TRANSFERRING PATCHES BETWEEN MAINSTAGE CONCERTS

If you are still having trouble after viewing the screenshot instructions, please contact our support.


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