Can I Share Content I've Purchased With My Team?

People is a new section in your account profile on that will allow you to set up your volunteers on your worship team at a single site location to access the content you’ve purchased at and your uploaded content in the MultiTracks Cloud™ for rehearsing in conjunction with your church or organization with Team Sharing. Here’s how it works:

As the admin for the account, you'll be able to add two devices to your account at no charge.


These two devices could be your iPad and your iPhone, or any two iOS devices. If you want to add or take away a device you can do so at any time.

Team members can be added to have the same access to your account for $1.99 per month

You can add as many volunteers to your account as you'd like, as long as they are volunteering in your organization and they use that content only in connection with your organization.

This allows you to keep your account secure by giving each team member their own username and password and it helps to cover the growing bandwidth charges that each member will generate.

You can add worship leaders, singers, musicians, small group leaders… anyone who’s a part of your church as long as they’re using the music in conjunction with volunteering at your church.

If you have any questions about Team Sharing, our support team is available today via email at

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