CustomMix error when created from Mobile Site

One of the main reasons a CustomMix created from the mobile site can cause an issue like no Auto-Pan or exported in the wrong key is due to the proper steps not being taken when creating a CustomMix.

Below are the steps that should be followed when creating a CustomMix from our mobile site.


1) Navigate to the desired song page and tap on the CustomMix tab.

**You will be shown the two audio formats that are available, there is no need to tap either as you will be able to select later in the export window.**

2) Select the tracks you are wanting to download by swiping the tab from left to right.

3) When you are done scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Load Tracks".

4) Select the desired key and preview by pressing the Play button.

**You can change the key after previewing by tapping on the key drop down tab**

5) Once the desired key is selected you can choose to scroll down and select "Mixing Complete. Ready to Export" or select the Auto Pan button to send the Click and Guide track to the left and the Tracks to the right.

**It is very important that the Auto Pan button is the last thing pressed before clicking the Mixing Complete button.**

6) After tapping the Mixing Complete button you will see a new window with some quick guidelines and reminders before purchasing. The next section is very important as it will tell you exactly what your mix is going to be after purchasing.

**If you wanted to have Auto Pan enabled you will see "True" on the right of the review. The next important thing is to make sure the Key listed is the correct one**

7) Select the desired file type and then tap "i Agree. Please export my CustomMix".

8) the last step is to checkout like normal and finalize the purchase.

If you have followed these steps and still have an issue with the CustomMix please contact support.



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