I Previously purchased Playback Pro? Do I need to purchase the “Pro” upgrade in Playback?

If you’ve previously purchased Pro, you have access to the “Pro” upgrade for life. To gain access to your free upgrade all you’ll need to do is update “Playback Pro” to the most recent update and login to the app. **You may need to delete your current version of Pro and install the New version of Pro from scratch** Once you log in you’ll be given a link to download “Playback” and the Pro features will already be unlocked. Check out the steps below on how to upgrade. 

To find Playback Pro you'll need to head to your Purchased apps and search for Playback Pro. It's no longer available for sale so you can't find it on the app store, but it's available in your account in the "Purchased" section of the App Store. Here's how to access it:


1) Open the App Store on your device. Click "Updates" 

2) Click "Purchased" at the top of the screen


3) Click "My Purchases"

4) In the Search tab type "Playback"

5) Click on the Cloud icon to download "Playback Pro"



After Downloading Playback Pro to your device, follow these steps: 

1. Download the new update to Playback Pro. After logging in and dismissing the Airplane Mode notification and the ads you'll see the pop up above. If you don't see this pop-up, try deleting the app and reinstalling Playback Pro on your device.


2. Enter your password for your Apple ID

3. Click Confirm to confirm that you want to get the Free Pro Upgrade for Free



4. You should be directed to the App Store to download 'Playback'. If you aren't automatically directed to download Playback you can search the app Store for 'Playback'. Download Playback to your Device.


5. Log into Playback with your Account. Tap Settings and tap Manage Subscriptions on the About page. You should see Pro selected as your current subscription. 


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