How Do I Load The iConnectAudio4+ 6 Output Preset?


1. Download the iConfig Software here.

2.Plugin your iConnectAudio4+ to your computer. If there are any firmware updates you can update your device to the most recent firmware.

3. Download the Playback Preset here.

4. Follow the steps in the video below to move the presets to the iConfig folder on your computer. Use the Open Presets Folder option from the File menu in iConfig Software to show the location of your presets folder.

5. Drag the Preset files downloaded from the site into this folder. Do not drag the folder, but the individual files included into the folder.

6. Use 'Open Preset' to open up the Playback Preset

7. The preset has all 6 outputs functioning as discrete outputs. I.e. 1=1...6=6 (Headphones are 5/6)

8. Under the 'Device' menu choose 'Save Current Settings' to save that preset to your device.

9. Make sure you iPhone/iPad is connected to USB device port 1 on the iConnect. 

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