What Are Buses And How Do They work?

Buses are Included in the Premium Subscription of Playback. Playback includes 10 buses. Using SmartRouting every track in our catalog is pre-routed to 1 of 10 buses. When you plug in a supported USB Audio Interface SmartRouting will route all 10 buses to the outputs on your interface. You can edit Bus Names and Abbreviations (what they show up as in the app) by swiping to the left. You can also adjust bus-output routing at any point by tapping bus in the Buses page. While in-app you can tap EDIT and tap on the name of the track to change track-bus routing or bus-output routing. 

It's important to note that Mute, Volume, and Track-bus routing can edited for every song, but Bus-Output routing and soloing is a global function that will effect all tracks. 

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    Oliver Locke

    This article does not explain what buses are. I see people use that word in a few different places but have yet seen it explained exactly what it is.

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    Bobby Stevens

    Hi Oliver, perhaps this would help a bit more:

    "A bus is basically a path in which you can route one or more audio signals to a particular destination. Destinations can include groups, auxiliary sends, stereo mix, foldback or monitor. Commonly busses are used to route channel signals to a master group fader, a multitrack recorder, or the main stereo master fader (or all)." -


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    Oliver Locke

    Thank you Bobby, that's very helpful!