Reason Patches Missing Files Error

The issue you've ran into has to do with the change of location in this updated version of this refill. Here are the steps to replace and load the sounds. See attached screenshots for visual directions.

 1) When you load the patch you will see the missing sounds pop up. In the left corner use Reason's browser to go to location on your computer where you saved the sonic reality refill. In this picture you'll see that I highlighted MultiTracks. That folder gives me access to my folders on my computer.

 2) Click on black arrow next to refill to open folder and see contents inside. Go to Retro samples.


 3) The first two samples will be found in folder labeled C12 Killrpads. You'll need to load each sample one by one.


 4) In the missing sounds box click on the first sample, JD800 67A. Press replace in missing sounds box. Go to browser, find sample that matches the one in missing sounds pop up. In browser click on JD80067A. Press replace in browser and you will see sample disappear from missing sounds box, this means the sample loaded properly. Repeat these steps for each sound. The first two samples are in this location.

 5) The last 3 samples can be found in folder D3 AahvxPads.


 6) Save this Reason session so you never have to load in the future.

Our apologies for this inconvenience, we wish there was simpler way to get started. If you run into any other issues please email our support team.

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