How Do I Purchase A MultiTrack?

Purchasing a MultiTrack is simple and can be done in a few steps! 

The first step is to find the song you are wanting to purchase by using our many search tools and options.

Once the song is found you will be taken to the song page. For this example we are going to use the song Alive by Hillsong Young & Free. (see screenshot below)

 Once you are on the song page make sure the MultiTracks tab is selected at the top. This page shows all the available tracks that are included with the MultiTrack file.

You can preview a sample by pressing the blue play button found underneath the grey MultiTracks header.

You can also change they key to one of the available keys by pressing the small triangle in the grey dropdown menu. **Remember that MultiTrack files come with all available keys**

Once you have previewed the track and you wish to purchase you will then choose the audio format for the MultiTrack. Our products come in two forms, WAV and M4A.

The WAV is an uncompressed higher audio quality format but takes up a bit more file space.

The M4A is a slightly compressed audio file and also is much smaller than the WAV file.

To add the product to your cart click on the audio format of your choosing found on the top right of the song page.

Click on the button once more that should now say "View Cart".

Checkout and finalize and your download will be ready to go a few minutes after the transaction is complete.

Click here to learn how to download multiple keys for your MultiTrack purchase.

NOTE: Please remember that unless you have a MultiTracks Cloud subscription all downloads have a 48 hour limit once the initial download is activated.

If you need further assistance please Submit a Request.


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