Create a CustomMix on your mobile device or tablet

Creating a CustomMix is simple and can be done in a few steps.

  1. First, you will need to search for the song using the search tool and once on the song page you should see the following:


For this example we are going to create a CustomMix for the song One Thing by Hillsong Worship.

If you scroll down on the song page you will see the available options and products offered for the specific song.

    2. Click on the CustomMix tab located next to the MultiTracks tab.


It will turn green and now you will be taken to the following screen:


    3. Now you can choose the key you would like to preview the track in by clicking on the drop-down menu as shown below. ** It's important that you choose the key before selecting the selected instruments or the key will revert to the original key. **


    4. After scrolling downward you can choose the available tracks that you would like to include on the CustomMix preview. You can choose by simply tapping on the track slider option to the "ON" position.

Click "Load Tracks" once you are ready to preview.

Note: Due to processing power of mobile devices we are limited to only providing up to 15 tracks at a time. If you need more tracks available then creating a CustomMix on a Computer or Laptop on our desktop site.



You will now be taken to the following page where you can preview the track and also Auto-Pan enable the track as well.


Enabling Auto-Pan will send the Click Track and Guide Track to the Left channel and the rest of the tracks to the Right channel to be used as a split track.


If you do not need this feature then you can just leave the Auto-Pan disabled and your exported track will just simply be a stereo mix.

    5. Now once you are satisfied with your mix you can scroll down and hit the button that says " Mixing Complete Ready to Export".

IMPORTANT!! Please make sure all the instruments that you selected are visible, the key is listed as the key you are wanting to export the track in and also that Auto-Pan either says "True" or "False" depending on if it is enabled or not.


    6. Choose your file type then select "I agree. Please export my CustomMix" and you will be taken to the normal checkout screen to finalize the order.


Your CustomMix will then process and you should receive an email stating that it is ready to download soon after. 


Please email support if you have any further questions!











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