Announcing CustomMix 3.0!


CustomMix 3.0 is the newest rendition of our popular CustomMix product.

We've included improvements to both our site downloads as well as Playback use.
Along with CustomMix 3.0, we have also added some exciting updates to our MultiTracks Cloud page.


MultiTracks Cloud

First, MultiTracks Cloud now includes three subscription levels. The subscription level names now correspond with Playback Subscription levels. Each one still includes a free 1-month trial.

Subscription Levels:

Intro -100GB of storage, $9.99 a month

Pro -300GB of storage, $24.99 a month

Premium -1TB of storage, $39.99 a month


New access to all available keys

MultiTracks Cloud also allows users to unlock a new feature of CustomMix which is 8 available keys.

Users that purchase a CustomMix and have a MultiTracks Cloud account or trial can navigate to their account and “request” their CustomMix in a different key. Once the key is requested the user will receive an email once the new key is available. The new key will also be available in Playback when downloading the CustomMix.


CustomMix Download file

Every CustomMix download will now include 4 individual files:

-Click track audio file

-Guide track audio file

-AutoPanned CustomMix (Click/Guide on left channel, tracks on right channel)

-Stereo CustomMix (no Click track included, as if AutoPan is disabled) ** Ideal for Accompaniment tracks ** 

So if you forgot to AutoPan, no worries we will provide that audio file as well as the other three files mentioned above!


CustomMix 3.0 & Playback 3.0

In Playback, every CustomMix now includes 3 files: Click, Guide, and a Stereo CustomMix.

This allows you to adjust the Click/Guide level and also get a full stereo file for the Tracks.

Premium users now have the ability to send each track out of Playback discretely using an Audio Interface with at least three outputs.

Pro and Premium Users will also be able to take advantage of features previously only available for MultiTracks. This includes: song editing (repeat and remove song sections), Loop, Infinite Loop, and Dynamic Guide Cues. This will allow users that are using CustomMix an experience that is on par with MultiTracks in Playback.


Previous CustomMix Purchases

Don't worry, we already upgraded your previous CustomMix purchases to the new version at no extra cost! If you also have a MultiTracks Cloud subscription you may request and download all 8 keys from your account page.


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