What's New with CustomMix 3.0?

CustomMix 3.0 brings huge improvements to the experience of CustomMix in Playback and great enhancements to CustomMixes downloaded from the site.


-CustomMixes downloaded from the site now include 4 files. Click, Guide, Stereo Tracks, and an AutoPanned mix. If you’re using CustomMix with a band you can use the AutoPanned mix and play to the included click/guide, while sending just the tracks out of the right side of your DAW. If you want to use your own click or have more control of the click track and guide track levels, you can load the separate click, guide and stereo track into your DAW.


-If you’re a MultiTracks Cloud user you can request all 8 keys of your CustomMix from your account. You can then download the files and use them in your DAW or in Playback.


-If you’re using Playback you get 3 files and three total tracks, Click, Guide, and Stereo Tracks. This allows you to adjust the click and guide levels without affecting the Mix.


-Playback Pro users can remove and repeat song sections, loop and infinite loop, and use Dynamic Guide Cues.


-Playback Premium users can send Click, Guide, and Stereo tracks out of discrete outputs using an audio interface.


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