Why Did My Cloud Songs Expire In Playback?

If you've uploaded content into Playback using MultiTracks Cloud you may have experienced your content being expired and removed from your current playlist. 

The Reason for MultiTracks Cloud content expiration:

When MultiTracks Cloud renews on the site our server pings Playback to let it know that Cloud content is active and readily available. This only becomes an issue if Playback has not been connected to a network to receive the message, thus giving the expired content message. 

The Workaround:

When you receive the emailed receipt or bank statement/notification that MultiTracks Cloud has renewed simply log out and back into Playback. This will activate the renewal  and your content will stay in the playlist.

"Will my content be removed after logging back in?"

That's a great question, as long as you are logging in using the same username and password as before you should be fine.

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