How Do I Setup My 6i6 Scarlett Mix Control Settings For Playback?

The 6i6 doesn't work with Playback's MultiOuts right out of the box. Here are the settings you need to adjust after downloading the ScarlettMix Control from the Focusrite site.



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    After this settings are made, do we then 'save to hardware'?

    Per the picture above, how would we assign the click/guide to a bus without it coming out FOH? And which bus would we assign the sequence to?

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    Bobby Stevens

    Yes! Save to hardware.

    Your follow up question can be done through the Playback app. This set up allows for Playback to communicate with the 6i6. With this set up you can route click and guide out of the Playback output 1 which will correspond to the mono out 1 on the 6i6, and the same for the other three outputs.
    From there, you'll send all four channels to your soundboard and route the click/guide to your monitors while muting it in the FOH. If you need anymore assistance, send us an email at and we will connect you with one of our tech specialists.