How Do I Get Song Section Data From GarageBand?

If you are using GarageBand to create/edit your tracks, and using them in Playback with Multitracks Cloud, here is how you can add song sections.

Note: GarageBand will not except tempos that aren’t whole numbers. If you input 72.5 bpm it will round down to 72 bpm.


For more information on creating and arrangement track in Garageband click here.

From here you’ll have to do a little math, since we’re converting from frames to milliseconds. Usually there are 24 frames per second. So we would take the last number in the Timecode display, as seen as 00.00, and divide by 24. However, after doing some of our own math, 24.8 seems to be the number we came up with.

GarageBand isn’t the easiest DAW to work with in conjunction to Playback, so we do recommend downloading the 30 day free Ableton Trial, but it isn’t impossible to work with.



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