How Do I Add Song Sections To My Cloud Content?

We're very excited to announce a brand new feature to MultiTracks Cloud, which is the ability to add song sections to your own uploaded content. We're launching the feature in beta, so we'd love to hear your feedback-send it to 

Check out the video below to see how to add Song Sections to your Cloud content and if you're using a DAW other then Ableton Live, let us know by emailing and we'll create a video showing you how to use that DAW also. 

Getting Song Section data from Logic Pro X

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    Caleb Jones

    This doesn't seem to help at all. The whole reason i use playback is because i don't want to spend $1000 on abelton. Way too complicated. When the playback said there was an update to be able to add song selections, i assumed (and I'm guessing many others did as well), that you could do this right from within the app. Not only did your app not explain that, but i had to then go and google how to do this because its not in any of your main tutorials. This feature would be huge but not if i can't do it right from within the app.

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    Bobby Stevens

    Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the thoughts. As we mention in the video, this feature is in beta, so we welcome any feedback you can give. We agree it would be great to do this in app-and that will likely be the case in the future, but we wanted to get this feature out as soon as we can, because it's the most requested feature for cloud, and we have some other in-app features we need to get done before we tackle doing this in app. As far as spending $1,000 on Ableton, you actually don't need to purchase Ableton to do this-you could use the demo to get this info or if you wanted to purchase Ableton, you could purchase the $99 version (Into) and it would solve this issue. Thanks for the feedback and feel free to let us know any other thoughts on Playback or this feature!