How To Upload A Custom Click Track Into Playback

If you are using Playback and would like to add your own custom click you can use our MultiTracks Cloud subscription to accomplish this.

Things you will need:

  • An active Cloud subscription (We offer a 30 day free trial for all our plans)
  • Click Track (panned hard left)
  • Latest version of Playback (Download here)

Getting your file ready to be imported into MultiTracks Cloud

If you have a single click file all you will need to do is zip it up or archive (Mac) it and then either click and drag into the Cloud uploader or use the Cloud browser tool to find the file and import.

Edit Track Information

Once the track has uploaded successfully you can then choose to name the file, set the tempo & time signature for the click track. For this example we have a click that is in 4/4 time and is 120 bpm. You can also choose to add album art and change the key, but since this is a click track we are going to leave it in the default setting. 

Choosing the type of track that is to be imported

If you are only uploading a single file you will see only one drop-down box with two options to choose from. Original Song is used for maybe an instrumental track upload or an accompaniment track. We will choose the second option (Click+Tracks) for this example.

Once you click save the track will process and you should receive an email shortly after letting you know that the Cloud content is now available in Playback.


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