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Simon Kobler Drum Samples



Thanks for purchasing the ‘Simon Kobler Drum Samples’ pack a collection of drum samples from Hillsong United's drummer Simon Kobler. These samples were recorded at the same recording studio Hillsong United and Hillsong Worship recorded their most recent albums and were meticulously mixed and mastered by one of Hillsong’s great mix/mastering engineers Philip Blackbourn. 

This pack includes the following formats:

WAV – 48kHz/24bit

EXS24 – Presets for Logic 9 and above and MainStage 2 and above.

KONTAKT -   Presets for Kontakt 5 and above.

TRIGGER – Presets for Slate Digital Trigger 2 and above.

Please note that you can load these samples into a Roland SPD-SX, all you will have to do is convert to 16bit/44.1kHz before uploading into your drum pad. 


Below is a list of the drum kit hardware used for these sample recordings:


Drum Kit: C&C Drum Co. 

Shells: Walnut/Poplar/Walnut 13", 16", 22"

Snare: Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14'

Skins: Evans EQ3 batter, G12 Coated, HD Dry

Cymbals: Heartbeat Percussion 

Hi Hats: 16" Raw Crashes 

Crashes: 22" & 24" Custom Light Rides

Ride: 24" Classic Light Ride


Check out the official walkthrough video here:


I hope you enjoy using these samples as much as we enjoyed making them!


 Move the ‘EXS24’ folder or the entire ‘Simon Kobler Drum Samples’ folder to your ‘Sampler Instruments’ folder:


- Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments


Alternative locations: 


- Macintosh HD/User/Music/Logic/Sampler Instruments

- Macintosh HD/User/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments


Then open Logic or Mainstage and open the EXS24 sampler plugin and select the ‘Refresh Menu’ option in the dropdown menu as seen below: 



The SKDS presets will then show up as seen below:





Simply copy the folder ‘Simon Kobler Drum Samples’ and it’s contents to any location on your hard drive. Then open Kontakt 5 and find the folder you just copied under the ‘Files’ tab in the top left hand corner. Locate the ‘Kontakt’ folder and open the ‘nki’ files and you’re ready to go!


If Kontakt brings up a ‘Samples Missing’ pop-up window simply click on the ‘Search Spotlight’ button to locate samples or the ‘Browse for folder’ button and choose the ‘Samples’ folder that contains these samples in the location you installed them.

NOTE: This product will not work inside the Free Kontakt Player version. Only Kontakt 5 or above.



 Please refer to the Slate Digital Trigger Manual for details on how to use third party presets and samples.


C1 – Kick

D1 – Snare A

D#1 – Snare B

E1 – Floor Tom

F1 – Rack Tom

F#1 – Hats Pedal

G1 – Hats A

G#1 – Hats B

A1 – Hats A Half

A#1 – Hats B Half

B1 – Hats Open

C2 – Crash 1

D2 – Crash 2

D#2 – Crash 3 (Ride)


Have fun and enjoy ☺

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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