Can I use credits to pay for RehearsalMix?

If you have eligible credits, you can convert those into a Prepaid Subscription Balance to pay for your subscriptions. 

If you have credits that are eligible, you'll see a notification on the Subscriptions overview page.

Click 'Convert Credits' to Convert your Credits into a Prepaid Subscription Balance.


You can use the slider to adjust how many credits you'd like to convert into a Prepaid Subscription Balance.

Agree to the terms and conditions, and click 'Convert Credits'.

You'll see a success message letting you know how many credits you converted and the expiration of your Prepaid Subscription Balance. This balance now will pay for all your subscriptions including RehearsalMix. 

At anytime you can view your current Prepaid Subscription Balance by going to the Subscriptions page in your account. 

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