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Ultimate Piano Collection



Thanks for purchasing the ‘Ultimate Piano Collection’. What’s included in this MainStage Bundle is 16 Piano/Reverb presets ranging from ‘Dark and Intimate’ all the way through to ‘Bright and Compressed’. These Piano/Reverb combinations have been used on a lot of Hillsong albums and are still used regularly at Hillsong Church.


NOTE: This MainStage collection requires Native Instruments ‘The Giant’ Piano. If you purchased the ‘Ultimate Piano Collection Plus’ version this MainStage collection also requires ‘Valhalla VintageVerb’.


For more information on how to get the most out of this product check out the walkthrough video here:


If you have any issues or questions about this product feel free to email us at




Open the MainStage concert ‘Ultimate Piano Collection’ or ‘Ultimate Piano Collection Plus’ depending on which version you have purchased.


A ‘Content Missing’ pop-up window will then show up like the screenshot below:

Simply click on the ‘Search Spotlight’ button to locate these missing samples or the ‘Browse for folder’ button and select the location of the ‘Samples’ folder where The Giant samples are located on your hard drive.

You will have to do this previous step several times, this is due to the fact that this bundle runs multiple instances of the giant and needs to access files for every instance.

You may also want to copy these patches into another MainStage template or transfer them into Logic X . If you want to do this please check out the ‘Ultimate MainStage Collection Walkthrough’ video where I show a quick and easy way of exporting these patches:


If you are wanting to export Pianos from the Ultimate Piano Collection into the Complete Worship Bundle check out this video


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