Why am I getting a "You do not have access to this playlist" message?

If you get a pop-up like this when trying to view a Playlist there are two potential reasons you don't have access:

  1. The person attempting to send you the Playlist hasn't added you to their account 
  2. You're account is a Multi-Organization account that has access (through team sharing) to multiple accounts

You haven't been added to a account 

In the case that you aren't added to someone's account-please ask them to add you to their account. If your team is using a playlist as a way to share what songs you're doing-but not using RehearsalMix you can add a person for free, and share the Playlist with them for free. 

Once you're added to their account if you attempt to listen to any of the mixes you'll get this message because you don't have RehearsalMix access enabled for that account. If you'd like to rehearse these mixes, ask the admin to enable RehearsalMix access for you on their account

You aren't logged into the correct account

If you are a viewer on multiple accounts, and you attempt to login to view a Playlist, it's possible that you logged into the incorrect account. You can click 'Switch Accounts' to log into the correct account.



After logging in and viewing the Playlist, if you don't have access to RehearsalMix through that account, you'll get an error message asking you to contact the account admin.

They'll need to enable RehearsalMix access for you and can do that here



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