Adding Mixes to Songs in Planning Center

Attach mixes to your songs and automatically get duration, tempo, and album art in Planning Center.

To add Mixes to a new Song

Go to the songs page and click add a song.

Search for the song by CCLI# or Title.

For now skip adding any information to this song’s default arrangement. All of this will be added for you, once you add a mix. Click Accept.

If you’re prompted to select a key, hit cancel.

Click the plus to add files to the song.

Click the RehearsalMix Tab

Planning Center will automatically search the catalog of available mixes to find matches to that song.

You'll likely see multiple versions of that song so make sure to choose the correct one.

Click the plus next to the version of the song you want to add mixes for.

Once you click okay you’ll see information like duration, tempo and album art, automatically added to that song.

Because we didn’t add any keys, we’ll only see the Original Song show up.

This will be attached to the default arrangement and available no matter what keys we add later.

The title of the original song includes the original key, so we can use that as reference and start by adding that key.

You’ll see all the mixes for that song get added as attachments to that key automatically.

You can choose to add any other keys you’d like, but you’ll only see mixes added to keys that mixes are available for.  

To know what keys are available, hover over a mix and click the link to go to that song on

There you can hover over the “keys available” dialog to see what keys are available for that song.

If you choose to add a new arrangement later, you’ll need to follow these same steps to add mixes to that arrangement.

You can listen to mixes directly from this page if you hover over a part and click the play icon or click the part itself.

Now-you can add that song a plan.  

From that plan you can click rehearse and select the media player to rehearse all the mixes for that song, including the original song.

When using RehearsalMix on Planning Center you’ll have access to the Original song and up mixes.

To listen to the minus mixes for a song,

Click the link next to that part, to go to that song page on

From there-you can login and rehearse the minus mix.

Only people that you’ve added to your account, linked to Planning Center and have given RehearsalMix access can play mixes for songs.

If someone that doesn’t have RehearsalMix access enabled, attempts to play a mix on Planning Center, they’ll get an error message and won’t be able to listen to that mix.

You can follow the steps in the previous videos to set them up to use RehearsalMix on Planning Center.

Using RehearsalMix and Planning Center together will help equip your team for amazing rehearsals.



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