Connecting your account to your Planning Center account

Securely connect your Planning Center account to your account.


Before connecting your account to Planning Center, make sure you've already subscribed to RehearsalMix. You can do that here.

To start connecting your accounts go to and login to your account.

If you've previously used RehearsalMix on Planning Center you'll need to agree to transition to the new RehearsalMix. This will result in wiping your account of your previous content. At any point you can download that content by logging in to and downloading a .zip of your previously purchased content

Click ‘connect’ next to Planning Center.

If you have access to multiple organizations on Planning Center make sure to choose the correct organization. You can only link your Planning Center account if you’re an Organization Administrator.

Click ‘Allow’ to authorize access to your Planning Center account from within

Once the accounts are successfully connected, you’ll see a message that shows you’re connected to your Planning Center Organization on your connected accounts page.

Once your account is connected, you can import new people into your account or link existing people to their account on Planning Center. 


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